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Alcohol Trigger Films for Junior High: The Party, The Mother, The Bride

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Alcohol Trigger Films for Junior High: The Party, The Mother, The Bride

Publication date 1979
Digitizing sponsor AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Three short dramatic, open-ended situations designed to provoke discussion in alcohol education programs. Includes "The Party," in which a new boy wants to make friends and offers his house for a party while his parents are away; "The Mother," in which an intoxicated mother picks up her daughter and a friend at a shopping mall and then embarrasses the daughter in front of a boy; and "The Ride," in which younger students are offered drinks by older friends and then invited to go for a ride.


Presents a set of three short dramatic, open - ended situations designed to provoke discussion in alcohol education programs. Includes 'The Party' in which a new boy wants to make friends and offers his house for a party while his parents are away, 'The Mother' in which an intoxicated mother picks up her daughter and takes her and a friend to a shopping mall, and 'The Ride' in which younger students are offered drinks by older friends and then invited to go for a ride. Part of a series on alcohol education.

The Party
Kids hanging outside deli (they have Philadelphia accents)
Teens passing beers to one another
Drinking outside deli, barber pole in back
Kids drinking beer against wall with Coca-Cola sign
CU table with beer bottles, ashtrays, junk
Kids dancing, drinking, wearing dadÕs hat
Kids break into liquor cabinet
CU kidÕs face who isnÕt into it

The Mother
School bell rings, kids start to leave Eastern-style school (NY state Ð cars have NY plates)
Mother greets kids, asking for her Òbeautiful daughterÓ
Mother is drunk, asking daughter incoherent questions, telling her she is beautiful, not knowing where she is going. Making kids embarrassed and angry.
CU girl: ÒMom, will you drop it, please?Ó
Close call Ð Mom almost hits pedestrian
Mom sees boy who daughter likes and forces introduction on her Ð she is ashamed.
Mom calls over Mark, introduces herself, says ÒLook whoÕs hereÓ to daughter, who wonÕt look up and is sullen.

The Ride
VS 70s- or 80s-style boys, maybe 10 or 11, playing baseball
Older (teenage boys) cousins, drinking, call over boys to join them. They have bottles in bags, New York accents
Hands beer over fence as a gift
Younger kids drink
Older kids smoking reefer (marijuana) too
Talking about concert where they passed out twice, had to be carried out
Telling puking stories from ÒFat JoeÕsÓ party
Older kids want to take younger kids to the quarry, one younger kid doesnÕt want to go
Older kids start gaybaiting younger kid who doesnÕt want to do

Danger Lurks Safety


Reviewer: Scootman78 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 30, 2012
Subject: Not a terrible short - have seen much worse and less educational
How long has the title of this video been incorrect? The last mini-short is not "The Bride", it's "The Ride".

I first saw this short on "Rifftrax" (which didn't exist before most of the previous comments were made). It was hilarious on Rifftrax and is actually watchable on its own. I do agree it could have gone further without making the class watching figure it out (some teachers can't carry a worthwhile discussion).

Okay, now to respond to the other comments which are extremely old.

@mjwise - the kid in the green and black shirt in "The Ride" is clearly a girl. News flash: Girls have short haircuts sometimes

@ Spuzz - the mom doesn't park her call in the mall. If you watch the shot before she is parking the car (when the car is clearly outside), you can see the bridal shop window. That's the same store window when she's parking her car. So no continuity error.
Reviewer: turantual - - January 6, 2009
Subject: Krista Errickson's first film?
The actress in the "The Party" is Krista Errickson. Most notably she played the character Cinder in the film "Little Darlings" and the character Diane Alder in a few episodes of the television show "Different Strokes." According to the Internet Movie Database ( she was born in Abington Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. This lends credence to the Philadelphia accents noted in the Shotlist section.
Reviewer: ERD - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 19, 2006
Subject: Excellent film for Junior High students
Somewhat dated but still excellent awarness film for Junior High students on drinking. The 3 scenes are left open for the students to discuss after seeing the film. Well acted and directed.
Reviewer: Robot Mike - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 6, 2006
Subject: An okay film
This was rather dull--but only because the three stories were incomplete. They weren't really stories, so much as demonstrations of different situations involving alcohol.

That said, the kid actors were suprisingly good. They behaved very naturally, and this gives the film a kind of documentary feel.

And finally: I think the title is wrong. There is no bride...
Reviewer: evelsteve - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 17, 2005
Subject: A Wonderful Film
This is a masterpice of sinful 70's cinema, when excess was the norm, and not too far off where this film was shot, glorious Studio54 ws thumpin' and bumpin'.

This film exhibits the fine qualites shown in most 70's cinema, that being the harsh, pre-internet existence of most tykes like myself. We had absolutley nothing to do if our mother and fathers hogged the one TV that resided in our houses.We had to find SOMETHING to do other than play with our chemistry sets, or shrinky-dinks.

This fine example of 70's celluloid forever ecapsulates what it was to be in the era of big-hair funky. But then again I could be really confused or pretentious and full of it.
Reviewer: Scott Bot - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 13, 2004
Subject: Funny stuff
I'm just picturing a bunch of 8th graders sitting in a classroom, watching this movie, and having a "meaningful discussion" about the issues in this film. Then, when the bell rings, getting together to plan a party for the weekend with their friends. That's what we did when we saw films like these.

I loved this movie, although for the segment with the mother in the car, if the title hadn't mentioned alcohol, I wouldn't have guessed that she was drunk, just annoying.

Where was this film made? The accents suggest Long Island, or New York City. Anyone know?

I think the kid in the green and black shirt in the last sequence is a girl. One of the other kids playing baseball says "Sign her up" when she swings, and one of the drunk guys talks about taking "your little girlfriend" to da quarry. It's easy to miss, though.

You really can't tell the boys from the girls in this film, because of the long hair. My dad was right. Damn.
Reviewer: Steve Nordby - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 6, 2003
Subject: Not bad or good enough
I disagree with some other reviews. This is not a great film from their perspectives, but it is from mine. It was not bad enough to be funny to kids that saw it at the time (I speak from experience), nor is it good enough to be thought provoking years later. The film's makers were trying to introduce the idea of alcohol abuse to white middle class 12 year old minds of the 1970's, and I think they were right on target.
Reviewer: dynayellow - favoritefavorite - September 6, 2003
Subject: You wants to go to da Quarry?
Pointless "discussion" films designed to help kids come up with their own questions. My big question is, doesn't everyone's mother talk like that in the car, even sober?
Reviewer: mjwise - favorite - May 22, 2003
Subject: Someone, please burn all copies of this film
Unbelievably awful "new age" educational film that fails to deliver any message whatsoever. It's not even "camp" it's just bad.

Have a wild party while the parents away? Sure! Mom driving drunk? That's ok, but all you have to worry about is how she embarrasses you! Feel like going to the quarry for some homoerotic action while under the influence of god-knows-what? Awesome!

The acting is awful and the direction is nonexistant as well. This is one ephemeral film that frankly I wouldn't miss if it disappeared.

This film relies on the kid to do the moralizing for him or herself, but based on some of the people _I_ went with to junior high, I wouldn't trust the kids to get the right conclusions.

Other highlights:

* The kid in the green and black shirt in "The Ride" really needs to decide on his gender.

* Actual spell-binding dialogue: "Last time he was at uncle joe's he puked up." "No, the cat puked up."

* Mom's monologue in "The Mother" that sounds completely ad-libbed.

* Kids drinking "beer" from bottles of what looks like hydrogen peroxide.
Reviewer: Red Right Hand - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 12, 2003
Subject: Let's Get Wasted
"New wave" edu-fick. There's absolutely no message here, unless if the message is LET'S GET WASTED! Of three episodes the first one is the best: Kids are just boozing and dancing and listening that evil rocknroll music... In other words, they're having fun.

Getting drunk + pretty girl = fun.

Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 18, 2002
Subject: What would YOU do?
A great example of the junior high guidance film that everyone HAD to sit through in Junior High. This collection features 3 shorts:
The Party: Kids buy some beer (Stubby alert!) and then convince a guy to have a party at his place.
The Mother: A teenage daughter is ortified at the behavior of her drinking and driving mom (wouldnt you be?) Conintiuty problem alert! Watch when the mom parks her car in the mall!
The Car: 2 kids convince another bunch of kids to go joy driving with them, evben when they're hammered.

The acting is horrible, the dialogue is embarassing, in other words, a typical guidance film.. Enjoy!
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